After joining hyper-growth start-ups and established companies as an early hire into their Recruitment/People teams, I quickly became addicted to the fast pace, variety of chaos that it had to offer. The adrenaline made me feel like superwoman! From wearing multiple hats to keeping up with the demands, it became a way of life for me; however it was short-lived. It became unsustainable as I struggled to keep up with the imbalance of my work and personal life. I also came to realise it was not just me. 

Making discoveries about who you are as an individual can only enhance your performance. I noticed this by finding out my top 5 Gallup Strengths which are: Relator, Futuristic, Self-assurance, Maximiser, Responsibility and my Personality Type which is a Protagonist. My specialities include coaching, facilitating, mentoring and consulting. 

Everyone can benefit from a coach to navigate them from A to B. I really love helping people get out of their own way and bringing to light ways that they can move forward so they can start winning in the areas of their lives they care most about.  By using Performance coaching with NLP, we can hone in on their soft skills and leverage their interests to enable them to accelerate, grow and out-perform not just at work but every facet of their lives. Check out a blog I wrote about this here.

Anyone can do what you do, but no one can be who you are.